Overload protection and torque limiters

Easily secures equipment against torque peaks


3 - 90 Nm / 60 rpm
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0.2 - 200 Nm / 1'800 rpm
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0.2 - 200 Nm / 1'800 rpm
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Overload protection

To protect your application in case of unwanted torque peaks and to avoid considerable consequential costs, you need an overload protection or torque limiter.

Overload protection, also called torque limiters or overload clutches, are used to immediately disconnect an overload at the input and output and thus reliably protect your machine. As soon as the torque drops below the set value again, input and output are automatically reconnected.

The torque is set and monitored by the integrated torque spring. The torque limiters are particularly characterized by the fact that they are maintenance-free and do not require recalibration. When operating with two shafts, the element can also be used as a flexible coupling. Even the use in oil is possible.

The TT(01) model connects two shafts together, while the TT(03) model is suitable for operation with a belt pulley. For machine applications with high speeds up to 1800 rpm with shaft-shaft or shaft-hub connection, the TT(01) or TT(03) torque limiter is perfectly suited for torques between 0.2 and 200 Nm. In addition, parallel and axial misalignments in your application are compensated.

Torque limiter DMB is particularly suitable for operation with hand-operated assembly tools or as an attachment of drilling machines. With the standardized inch connections, this is perfectly designed for recurring assembly work in the torque range of 3-30 Nm or 30-90 Nm. Depending on the size, our DMB torque limiter is supplied with 3/8″ or ½” inner and external square and is ready for immediate use.