Elastic Coupling SFR

Elastische Kupplung Servoflex SFR von Miki Pulley LEARN MORE Vibration and oscillation damping shaft coupling
Elektromotoren und Teile für Maschinen

Disc pack coupling SFC

Lamellenkupplung Servoflex SFC SA2 von Miki Pulley LEARN MORE The perfect connection
Computertomographie Scanner im Krankenhauslabor

Safety break BXR-LE

Safety Break BRX-LE by Miki Pulley LEARN MORE Highest safety on smallest footprint
Roboter-Handmaschinenwerkzeug in der industriellen Fertigung

Safety break BXR

Safety Brake BXR by Miki Pulley LEARN MORE Highest safety on smallest footprint
Schleifen eines runden Teils auf einer speziellen Werkzeugmaschine

Sliced coupling ASK

Federstegkupplung ASK BB aus Edelstahl von Miki Pulley LEARN MORE Sliced coupling for highest requirements

Miki Pulley - Your partner for shaft couplings and safety brakes


From torsional stiff couplings to compact safety brakes, find what you need


Unique power transmission
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Safety brakes

High dynamic and precise positioning
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Clutches and brakes

Strong in every application
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Overload protection

Secure your equipment
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Locking devices

Ensure safe connections
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Variable pulleys

Stepless speed changers
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Our focus is on your industry

Miki Pulley, your competent partner in numerous industry sectors


Used in the field of robotics, handling automation or for the drive of linear actuators, the requirements to the new series of Servomotors is rising daily. For the safety…


Due to the steadily increasing degree of automation, especially in the industrialized countries, the demand for industrial and collaborative robots is a strongly…


In the field of medical technology only the highest safety and precision is acceptable. In a case of a malfunction, a person’s health could seriously be affected. Devices…


In the field of automation especially around warehouse technology like order income, storing and goods shipments, the grade of Automation in industrialized countries…

Mech. engineering

In the field of special machine construction there is a large variety of applications and usage of drive technology equipment. As this field is a strong growing…

Machine tool

In the field of machine tools, Miki Pulley is proudly looking back on a long year’s successful history. With a market share of over 80% in Japan in the field of flexible…

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Our history



Yoshiharu Miki founded Miki Seisakusho in Omiya-cho, Kawasaki



Market launch of the stepless speed change pullies in the Japanese market


Technical Center

Built up of Technical Center in Sagami