Starflex ALS B

1.2Nm - 650Nm / 10'000rpm
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Sprflex AL

0.5Nm - 150Nm / 18'000rpm
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Starflex ALS H

1.2Nm - 1050Nm / 34'100rpm
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Starflex ALS AN

1.2Nm - 1050Nm / 10'000rpm
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Jaw couplings by Miki Pulley

What are jaw couplings?

Jaw couplings connect two shafts using two hubs that are connected by an intermediate rubber or elastomer element, the so-called spider. Both hubs have opposing claws that interlock with the spider.

The product range includes three types of hubs, two degrees of hardness of the elements and two types of fit. This ensures the perfect combination for torque transmission, response and misalignment. As well as the ability to combine different hubs means, they can be used in a wide range of applications.

How do jaw couplings work?

The connecting element between the two coupling halfs ensures that shock loads, vibrations and oscillations are reliably reduced. Depending on the application, the damping characteristics of the intermediate piece can absorb low shocks or oscillations with high torsional stiffness and hardness of the spider, or strong shocks or oscillations with low torsional stiffness and hardness. To adapt them, a corresponding spider with different degrees of hardness, so-called shore hardnesses, is used.

What characterizes Miki Pulley jaw couplings?

The ALS Starflex jaw couplings from Miki Pulley can be offered with clamping hub and/or with keyway as well as three different spiders, which differ in hardness and coupling backlash. The red (97 Shore A) and yellow (90 Shore A) spiders are completely backlash-free due to their shape, whereas the blue (97 Shore A) spider is suitable for applications with backlash.

The torques of the applications can reach up to 1050 Nm for short periods and speeds of up to 34,100 rpm (revolutions per minute) are possible. Jaw couplings impress with their simple design and great ease of assembly.

Where are Miki Pulley jaw and elastomer couplings used?

Our jaw couplings are used, for example, in servo motors, induction motors, stepper motors, packaging machines, machine tools, and generally in all areas of mechanical engineering.

As an alternative to the ALS Starflex we can recommend the less expensive AL Sprflex. It has a simpler design and is available pre-drilled ex works or with finished bore within a very short time.

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