Starflex ALS B

1.2Nm - 650Nm / 10'000rpm
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Starflex ALS H

1.2Nm - 1050Nm / 34'100rpm
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Sprflex AL

0.5Nm - 150Nm / 18'000rpm
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Jaw couplings

The ALS Starflex jaw coupling can be offered with clamping hub and/or with keyway as well as three different spiders, which differ in hardness and coupling backlash.
The red (97 Shore A) and yellow (90 Shore A) spiders are completely backlash-free due to their shape, whereas the blue (97 Shore A) spider is suitable for applications with backlash.
The torques of the applications can reach up to 1050 Nm for a short time. One of the biggest advantages of jaw couplings is the easy mounting and installation process.

As an alternative to the ALS Starflex, we can recommend the less expensive AL Sprflex. It has a simpler design and is available pre-drilled ex works or with finished bore within a very short time.