Couplings rigid and flexible

Precise and safe transmission of torque

Disc pack couplings

0.25Nm - 8'000Nm / 25'000rpm
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Sliced couplings

2Nm - 400Nm / 11'500rpm
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Cross joint couplings

0.7Nm - 25Nm / 6'000rpm
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Jaw couplings

0.5Nm - 1'050Nm / 34'100rpm
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Oldham couplings

1.5Nm - 7Nm / 20'000rpm
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Bellows couplings

0.4Nm - 3.0Nm / 9'000rpm
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Dual couplings

0.5Nm - 60Nm / 10'000rpm
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Rigid couplings

35Nm - 1'900Nm / 15'000rpm
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0.15Nm - 440Nm / 20'000rpm
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Do you have problems connecting shafts and compensating for misalignments?

Miki Pulley Europe AG offers you a wide range of solutions. Manufacturing tolerances, assembly errors or temperature fluctuations in applications are part of workaday life. To compensate this, flexible couplings are needed which eliminate axial, angular or parallel misalignments. This is where Miki Pulley comes into play as a developer and manufacturer of shaft couplings.

Among other things, we offer disc couplings, jaw couplings, Oldham couplings or sliced couplings ex works Germany. For high torque in the smallest installation space, we also sell rigid couplings made of steel and stainless steel.