Extra class safety brakes

High torque, compact and long lifetime


0.06 - 3.2 Nm / 6'000 rpm / 24 V
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2 - 22 Nm / 5'000 rpm / 24 - 90 V
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5 - 55 Nm / 5'000 rpm / 24 - 180 V
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4 - 44 Nm / 5'000 rpm / 24 - 90 V
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0.12 - 5.2 Nm / 6'000 rpm / 12 - 180 V
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2 - 80 Nm / 3'600 rpm / 24 - 171 V
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Safety brakes

Due to the Japanese origin and the market requirements prevailing there, Miki Pulley has focused on small and medium sizes in the field of spring-actuated safety brakes. Due to the space-saving design and a very low self-weight, our products are often used in mobile applications such as industrial trucks, robots, electric wheelchairs and vehicles for senior citizens. The BXW, BXR-LE, BXR, BXH, BXL and BXL-N series are available.

In general, all safety brakes are spring-actuated power-off brakes. This means that the brakes permanently generate a magnetic field with very low power consumption and keep them “open”. In the event of a power failure or a desired emergency stop, a spring force pushes the armature plate against the friction lining in a split second, stopping the movement of the motor shaft.

Starting with our smallest safety brake BXR-LE via the very variable BXW series up to the BXR or BXL, we cover holding and braking torques from 0.06 up to 80 Nm.
As a manufacturer of these brakes, we are able to meet almost any customer requirement. Be it an increase of the desired holding or braking torque, mounting options or just an extension of the connection cable. The application possibilities are almost limitless.

Due to the safety guidelines in DIN ISO 13849-1, safety brakes have become a must in many applications to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.