Safety break BXR-LE laying on a Robot hand by Miki Pulley

Spring actuated safety brakes with unique technical features.

The safety brakes of Miki Pulley are spring-actuated electromagnetic safety brakes and are also referred to as spring-actuated or spring-applied brakes. Available are the BXW, BXR-LE, BXR, BXH, BXL and BXL-N series.

Safety brakes are always closed when de-energized. Through the cast-in coil, an electromagnetic field can be created, which overcomes the force of the integrated springs on the armature disc, the movable element of the brake. As long as the coil remains energized, the brake is in the open state and the rotor with friction lining can rotate freely. In the event of a power failure or a desired emergency stop, the power supply is interrupted and the armature disk closes within millisecond range, which stops the rotation of the shaft.

The safety brakes are available in various versions such as holding function, brake function and also across functions. These differ in the use of different friction lining material and possible torques.

The main applications for the extremely slim safety brakes from Miki Pulley are robotics, automation, servomotors and machine manufacturers. With the extremely small dimensions, the brakes can be built in even the smallest of installation spaces.

A new trend is also towards safety brakes with a defined minimum and maximum torques, also to say a fixed torque range. Here an application can be protected with a simultaneous overload protection of a drive system. In addition, brakes in conjunction with so-called Power supplies are very much in vogue. Here only the full 24V are applied to the brake for shifting purposes. To secure the position in the open state, it then only requires a holding voltage of 7V during operation. This reduces the power consumption of the safety brakes by almost 90 %.

The safety guidelines in DIN ISO 13849-1 have made safety brakes a must in many applications in order to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.