Electromagnetic clutches and brakes

Unlimited applications due to standardisation

Micro clutches & brakes

0.4 - 2.4 Nm / 10'000 rpm
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Standard clutches & brakes

2.4 - 320 Nm / 8'000 rpm
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Clutch & brake units

2.4 - 320 Nm / 3'000 rpm
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Electromagnetic clutches and brakes

Electromagnetic brakes and clutches engage, brake or disengage using electromagnetic force and keep machines in the same position. The force is generated by a current flow through a coil. In contrast to our spring-actuated safety brakes, they are so-called “Power ON” products.

They are divided into two groups depending on the type of actuation: spring-actuated and electromagnetically actuated. In electromagnetically actuated clutches and brakes, a function is triggered by the flow of current through a coil. Spring-actuated brakes, on the other hand, are actuated by spring tension when the power supply to the coil is interrupted (example power failure).

In order to maintain a shaft movement or to transmit torques, electromagnetic clutches and brakes must be permanently energized. Torques from 0.4 to 320 Nm can be held or transmitted with low-wear. Thanks to the standardized design and consistent connection configurations, the components can be exchanged in no time at all and can be adapted to a wide range of applications.

Miki Pulley offers a wide range of electromagnetic brakes and clutches, which combine various functions to cover a wide range of applications.

The use of these basic functions and the combination of electromagnetic clutches and brakes enable a wide range of applications such as stepped speed changes, switching between forward and reverse operation, positioning and cyclic operation. Of particular note here are the simplicity of control and ease of maintenance.

The model 111 electromagnetically actuated brake, for example, can be used in the lifting device for a truck’s support base, while the model 101 or model CS couplings are suitable for metering systems or zipper production machines. With the CSZ (clutch) and BSZ (brake) models, the time required for gap adjustment can be drastically reduced by adapting the design parts.

Electromagnetic micro-clutches and micro-brakes are particularly suitable for compact equipment where variations in response and torque must be avoided, such as ATMs, printing machines, or packaging machines. In addition to the 102 (clutch) and 112 (brake) models, which have the same basic principle of brake and clutch, we supply the model CYT, a clutch that can be adapted to meet a wide range of our customers’ requirements.

A combination of all required individual brakes and clutches also proves to be very practical. Combined clutch and brake modules offer the advantage of using only one component instead of several clutches and brakes for the construction of extensive mechanisms.